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Sexually transmitted diseases have a way of sneaking up on people. Before you know it, you’re already diagnosed with it. If you make it a habit to sleep with multiple partners, then the likelihood of contracting such infections is high. After all, you never know who exactly has it until it’s too late. For this reason, anyone who is already sexually active should at least get a check up every once in a while for early detection and to avoid long term effects of STDs. They are, first and foremost, infections and most of them can be treated by antibiotics. Herpes is one of those STDs that is easily curable.

What Is Herpes?
Herpes is known as a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a virus herpes simplex. It comes in two types: Type 1, which basically affects the mouth, eye, throat and face. Meanwhile Type 2 involves the genitals and the cervix. The most telltale signs that you have herpes are the appearance of sores on certain areas of the body. If you are sexually active and you suspect that you are infected, then it is imperative that you seek out a herpes cure for your condition.

How Do You Get It?
Herpes is contracted because of the practice of unsafe sex. If your partner has it and you still engage in sexual activities, then there is a very big probability that you will get it too since it is a highly infectious disease. Mothers can also pass it down to their children when a woman is infected while pregnant. The virus is transmitted via skin contact. If you touch any of the sores, then the virus might actually infect you that way. And although this disease is not really life threatening, the sores and blisters that appear can actually be bothersome and can affect your daily routine.

Check with Your Doctor
Now, if by any chance, you have suspicions about getting infected with herpes or any sexually transmitted disease, it’s always best to get it checked. The key to avoid brutal complications in the long run is always early detection. You do not have to be embarrassed about these things when communicating with your doctor. Have a full check up and see what you can do about finding the right kind of herpes cure for you. Talk with him about the possible action that you can take with regards to your condition.

What to Do When Diagnosed?
If indeed, you are diagnosed, you should choose the right kind of herpes cure for your body. What works for others might not necessarily work out for you so checking with your doctor about these things is something that should always be done. Are you going for medical treatment? Or will you settle for home remedies instead? Of course, this is all your choice but you have to ask your doctor first about it. The treatment stage starts right after you are diagnosed and you don’t have to prolong the inevitable. Remember that this is a chronic disease so treatment might last a long time. Although the symptoms might be gone after a few weeks, recurrence is a very big possibility that you should consider. One good thing though, is that as it recurs, the weaker it becomes. This means that the blisters and all those complications will not hit you as hard as the first one. Abstaining from any sexual contact might also be for the best so as to avoid spreading the infection to your partner.

Is it curable?
Yes, herpes is very much curable over time. Although a long term treatment is in store, there should be no worries as long as the treatments are continued. It will slowly weaken and deteriorate over time. Aside from the blisters that can turn out to be bothersome because of its itchiness and sometimes pain, herpes will not cause any deadly complications in the long run.

What Kind Of Treatment Should I go for?
Now, this choice is entirely up to you. If you talked it out with your doctor, then deciding about the best herpes cure for you should already be an informed decision. Other people prefer home treatments while some go for antibiotics for a faster result. This depends on how severe your herpes is or how your body is able to adjust to the medication. Your doctor cannot give you antibiotics if you can’t handle them, after all. All in all, it is a choice that you have to decide on your own. Evaluate every factor that comes into play. Will it be expensive? Can you handle the antibiotics? Are home remedies better? Ask yourself the necessary questions so that you don’t end regretting any of your decisions later on.

Are There Good Home Remedies For This?
Aside from the medical side of things, there is always the option of going for simpler home remedies. For herpes, you might be primarily concerned about the sores that appear on the body but when it comes to managing those, there are a lot more ways to get rid of them before actually having to resort to antibiotics. You can make habit of taking warm bath. His helps in soothing the sores so that they don’t end up itchy or painful. Cleaning them up this way is also very good. The use of baking soda or cornstarch for drying up the blisters is also a common practice that is proven to be very effective despite its simplicity. Ice may also be used to ease up the itchiness factor of the blisters. Aloe vera may also be used to soothe the sores. Ever since a long time ago, this plant has been known for its healing and soothing properties and this works very well with the treatment of the sores. And last but not the least, aside from all of things mentioned above, one thing you can do to help in curing the sores is to wear breathable clothing.

For those who suffer from any sexually transmitted disease, life must be hard. People infected with STD suffer from the disease and the people around them. When you have STD, you always get that look when you’re in the room. You’re already feeling bad about your body. Plus, people are making you feel more terrible about yourself.The Plight of those Who Have Herpes
One of the most discomforting STDs that infect a lot of people is herpes. Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and is caused by the herpes simplex virus. There are 2 known type of herpes infecting people: herpes simplex 2 (HSV-2) called the genital and herpes simplex 1 (HSV-1) called the oral herpes. HSV-1 and HSV-2 are easily transferrable when individuals touch affected areas. Plus, most of the times, there are no symptoms so you can easily get anybody else, even your children infected with just a simple kiss.
Aside from that, herpes 1 and 2 are really discomforting diseases. They break out into sores and it is at these times where they can easily infect someone. They are really nasty things to have especially if they are located in your genitals and rectum. Not only that, they suffer from the misconceptions of the people around them too. For those who suffer herpes, a new discovery like any herpes cure 2014 would be good news for them.
Commonly Used Treatment for Herpes
Even before the appearance of the herpes cure 2014 which will be discussed later, there have already been many ways developed to handle this disease. Both natural and medical ways have been advised by many doctors and professionals on how to deal with such a menace. However, most of them are designed to hide or stop the occurrences of breakouts, they do not kill the virus. They may stop the discomfort for a while but there are also side effects.
 Antiviral Drugs – Antiviral drugs like acyclovir are the most common ways to deal with herpes. You’d have to take them several times a day for several days until the breakouts stop. Yes, they are effective in dealing with breakouts but they have nasty side effects which will affect you greatly. Aside from that, they are very expensive too.
 Diet – Studies say that there are certain foods that can trigger herpes outbreaks. Because of that, many of those who have herpes adopt a certain diet to avoid suffering the outbreaks. This method, however, has not been proven scientifically. Also, it does address the virus itself.
 Alternative Medicine – These medicines may be tempting to try but there haven’t been any studies yet about them so it would be quite a risk you are going to take if you plan on using this stuff. Plus, when you go to the doctor after something goes wrong, there’s nobody to blame but yourself which is even more embarrassing.
Yes, there have been many established treatment to deal with herpes. Still, people are still on the hunt for a cure to take out the virus. If not, a vaccine that could actually do better than common drugs sold in pharmacies nowadays would definitely be a lot better.
Genocea Herpes Vaccine: GEN-003
Genocea Biosciences is one of the many institutions trying to develop a new way to deal with herpes. Although this prospect treatment is still not completed, results have been positive so far. Say hello to herpes cure 2014, the GEN-003.
The leading candidate to battle genital herpes is GEN-003. This new vaccine is designed to lessen the duration and the intensity of the symptoms of the disease. Not only that, it also aims to regulate the transmission of the virus. It also aims to reduce viral shedding which is how the virus gets easily contracted. This protein subunit vaccine is expected to respond well with the immune system.
The vaccine is known to contain antigens that are have demonstrated resistance against the disease and reduced the duration of the symptoms and viral shedding. Clinical trials are now being made to see if the vaccine will work. In the Phase 1 clinical trial conducted by Genocea, there are 143 participants. All participants had HSV-2.
How Does It Work
The vaccine works by working on the T cells. It activates these cells so that they can better handle the outbreaks of the virus. The vaccine will enable the T cells to quickly identify and take down the infection before it can actually reach the surface of the skin. Because of that, the immune system is quicker when dealing with the virus.
How is the Vaccine Given
GEN-003 is administered to the participants by injections, 3 injections in series to be particular. Booster shots are also given at certain times to make sure that the vaccine is active. The vaccine may not take out the virus but it definitely is a good alternative than taking anti-viral drugs every now and then.
The first clinical trial for the vaccine has been successful. GEN-003 shows promising results for the treatment of herpes. There was a significant reduction seen in the viral shedding by 51%. With this reduction, the chance of transmitting herpes to sexual partners would lessen.
With the success of the Phase 1 clinical trial, GEN-003 will enter the Phase 2 hoping that it bears positive results. The first phase is normally conducted to volunteers. It aims to determine the side effects and other factors.
Since Phase 1 was a success, Phase 2 begins which will focus most especially on the efficiency of the vaccine. The participants will be compared to another set of participants taking another treatment. This phase normally lasts for 2 years.
The third phase follows with an estimated duration of 3 years. This will tackle more on the safety of the vaccine. Various populations will be studied to cater other factors. Different dosages will be tested too.
The arrival of this herpes cure 2014, the GEN-003, gives much hope to those who suffer from the disease. The path to reaching the goal is still far but as long as there is perseverance, one can always triumph.